Our Story

Before starting PHEM x PHRESH Co, I always considered myself to be on the healthy side. Then I went in for a yearly checkup that changed everything. Based on my blood-work, I was diagnosed with a serious medical condition and would need to be put on prescription medication for life to manage the condition. However, after intense investigation, My doctor and I discovered that my labs were not done fasted. Sure enough, repeating the tests fasted, eliminated the “serious medical condition.” While it was a huge relief, the terrifying prospect of taking medication for life was a turning point for me.

That experience terrified me into becoming more aware of my body and when I spoke with my primary care physician, she challenged me to audit everything that I  allowed to go into my body. Not just food, everything, because of the potential impact on overall health. This challenge led to a scary discovery. Before even having my morning coffee, I was dutifully slathering on 127 toxic chemicals onto my body’s largest organ. Many of these chemicals were endocrine disruptors. They duplicated and mimicked estrogen in the body, and most of them caused cumulative toxicity over time.

I made the decision to get rid of all the toxic products and replace them with plant-powered, Vegan, and clean products. Yet, all I could find in stores and online were products full of parabens, sulfates, and more toxic chemicals. As I conitinued my search for a solution, God clearly spoke to me, telling me that I would need to make my own products. I wrestled with that thought for weeks because one, I was a full-time corporate woman, and ran an entire household, where would I find the time? I tried to ignore the thought, However the voice grew louder.  After praying, God clearly said,  I've planted the seed, and now its your job to water it. And water it I did.

After becoming a Certified Master Herbalist and an Organic Skincare Formulator, I threw myself into product research. After months of testing the efficacy of each product, the "Clear Canvas" capsule was born—a fully plant-powered capsule made of only skin- loving ingredients. Soon after developing the “Clear Canvas”, capsule, my expertise led me to launch PHEM X PHRESH Co. Today, PHEM X PHRESH is a thriving brand that provides safe and ethically sourced sustainable skin products. Our brand is crafted with ingredients provided by Mother Earth and specially formulated for health-conscious individuals